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Your choice for fitness in Valdese

“I didn’t get healthy because I lost weight, I lost weight because I got healthy.”

-Me (Tammi McClendon, Owner)

After a lifetime of feeling trapped in my own body, of always being exhausted, of being in pain....I finally learned that REAL change happens from the inside out! It’s not a pill or a diet plan in a magazine. It’s not even about hours in the gym. It’s about, first, getting yourself right, smack dab in the middle of your ears! Second, it’s about putting the right things in your body and then, it’s about moving! And all of that IN THAT ORDER!

I started New Age Fitness with a vision. I knew how uncomfortable and impersonal a gym was. I knew that conventional “wisdom” about what we should be eating didn’t line up with what I had learned and what worked for me. I knew that I had to create a place that addressed more than this notion that weight loss was merely about forcing weight off by sheer power (the “eat less, exercise more” model).

Here’s the thing about being overweight. It’s the same as having eczema, being pre-diabetic or anything else of the sort....it’s a symptom of a system out of balance.

When I finally got healthy, the chronic fatigue I had been diagnosed with went away. My depression, gone. My sciatica, no more!

Bring your body back into balance: mind, body and spirit and you won’t just rid yourself of your extra pounds, you’ll find all sorts of things clearing up that you have just learned to live with.

Mind, Body, Spirit. It all matters to creating your best you. ❤

At New Age Fitness, LLC, we offer an alternative to the conventional gym setting. Our classes are small and almost always designed for all levels, from beginner to advanced. Our private sessions are personalized to your individual needs.

When you walk into our studio, you will immediately notice the lack of large, clanking equipment. We believe that exercise should be natural and organic and based on your specific body. We take all of "you" into account. We don't just want to give you a workout, we want to make you healthier: mind, body and spirit. That's why you will often see that our programs include nutritional changes, behavior modifications and many more techniques designed to change you from the inside out.

We pride ourselves on being unlike any fitness center you've ever experienced and we strive to keep our services affordable enough so that everyone has an opportunity to experience change New Age Fitness style.

Parking: There is additional parking on both sides of our facility. Facing our building from the road, you will see a park to our left with a large, paved parking lot. On our right, there is another large gravel lot behind the Sheriff's Office that can be accessed on Campus Street.